The Free Online Flash SiteBuilder

      Creating stunning flash websites never get easier. Anyone can create a Flash website online in minutes.
      Our online sitebuilder offers a simply drag and drop interface to add images. videos, audio, text, and
      animations to your site.
      Users can choose from more than 1000 professional flash website templates and tons of of images to be
      added to their design. Creating a slideshow is also easy as drag and drop images in the interactive slideshow creator making the perfect way to showcasing an online portfolio.

    Build Your Own Flash Website!

      Our online application is an easy to use website creation & publishing system that enables you to easily build your own
      multimedia website. No programming, FTP, HTML, or Flash knowledge is required! If you can point, click, and type, you
      can build a professional website in minutes! Publish Your Own Multimedia WebSite Today!  
      No software to download, you can login to edit your website anytime, anywhere, from any computer, using only a web browser.

      Youtube videos and Flickr images can be easily added. When your site is finally published, it will be automatically added to the directory and search engines. Best of all, sites are search engine friendly hence, your clients, family and friends can find your site easily on Google and Yahoo.

      Finally, the best thing is that
      our service is 100% FREE , so you don't have to pay anything to have your online flash website


    Detailed Features

      - Userfriendly Navigation with no HTML, FTP, or Flash knowledge required
      - Password Protected login & Userfriendly control panel for website creation.
      - Dynamic  Uploader: You can upload your own image for a custom theme.
      - Dynamic MP3 music: You can upload your own music files or select from our library.
      - Choose from hundreds of Flash Intros from the ever growing library of intros.
      - Choose from hundreds of Flash WebSites from the ever growing library of interfaces.
      - Choose from hundreds of Background Themes from the ever growing library.
      - Choose from hundreds of Background Music Loops from the ever growing library.
      - Customize the intro and website background color, width and height.
      - Customize the text for website or intro Title & Slogan.
      - Customize your email contact details.


    Tools for iPhone: Upload your Photos to the Editor

      Meet Tools, a brand new app that allows you to upload pics from your iPhone directly to your  account! No more downloading, uploading or emailing files around - with Tools, you can add photos to your  account on the go!

      How Does WixTools Work?

      1. Download the app from
      iTunes or from the app store. It's absolutely free!
      2. Open the app and choose one of the following:
      - Capture something on your camera and upload.
      - Choose an existing pic from your photo library.

      Capture a photo and upload it

      3.Go to your  account and open the editor.
      4.The photos you've just uploaded are waiting in your pic gallery. Awesome!



    NEW! eCommerce Shopping cart 

      We've been working hard to give you a beautiful way to set up shop
      and now it's live! Setting up shop has never been so easy!!

      We've had a lot of requests for an eCommerce solution. Well,
      we've been working hard to give you something great! Our new eCommerce
      widget is simple to use, beautiful to display and able to handle all of
      your selling needs.

      We've also uploaded several new eCommerce templates for you.
      As usual, you can start from scratch or add the customizable eCommerce
      widget to an existing site and make it your own


    Visitors can now post comments on your site
    You asked, you got it. (Added Sept 2009)

      Visitors love sharing their comments online.
      Benefit from comments and feedback posted directly on your website with the all new comments widget!

      Your visitors can now have their say on any product or service you offer.
      This new feature is perfect for leaving testimonials or any other comments.

      Customize the widget and moderate comments via the  editor!

    New Facebook App: Taking your Fan Page to the Next Level!

    Do we have an early Christmas gift for you! Remember how you asked Santa last year to let you integrate your  site into your Facebook fan page? Well, meet Wix Your Page the app that allows you to publish dynamic web content to your fan and community pages.

    How did it happen? We took several popular  templates and adapted them into templates that are suitable for Facebook's fan page tab. Now all you need to do is choose a template, customize it, and publish it to your fan page.

    You can check out our new Facebook templates

    For any tips and advice on integrating  templates into your fan page

    Please note that at the moment it is not possible to upgrade Facebook templates. We'll be gradually adding premium features and additional templates so stay tuned!

    Curious about the new app? Here's a perfect example recently created with the new Wix Your Page app:



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